Bibiki García


I'm José Ramón "Bibiki" García,
a spanish composer and sound designer!




/ Composer and sound designer.
/ Working as a freelancer for videogames and other media.
/ 10+ years of experience in games industry.
/ Experience in orchestral/contemporary music + short films and docs.


/ Versatil. Can make music of any style, depending on the project.
/ Quick prototyping ideas and concepts.
/ Able to design personal sounds or instruments so the music has a unique character.
/ Traditionally trained, can make orchestral, electroacoustic or contemporary music too.
/ Eager to learn new stuff, from new ways to make audio adaptive to coding knowledge.


/ Music composition - Bachelor - 2014-2016
@ Malaga's music conservatory, Spain
/ Music composition - Bachelor - 2016-2018
@ Musikene - Basque Country Conservatory, Spain
/ Music composition for media - Master Degree - 2018-2019
@ Katarina Gurska - Madrid, Spain
/ Responsive Web Design Certification - 2019


/ 2016 - MálagaJam - Best Sound Field Award.
/ 2019 - Global Game Jam 2019 organized by - Best Audio.
/ 2019 - Basque Country - Orfeón Donostiarra Award for the research: "Composición de música para videojuegos: una aproximación desde la perspectiva de un compositor indie".

For more info check BIO and my CV


(ETA 2024) Co-creator. Music, sound design, audio direction and some game design / production for Arco. A unique tactical action game with a simultaneous turn-based system where your decisions shape the story. Made in LOVE2D, implemented using LUA. Almost 100% are "real" recordings. Oboe, french horn, viola, voices, guitars, percussions, etc. Same for foley and audio design. Most ambitious stuff I've ever done. Scary <3

If you want to check out the game, go here.

(ETA 2024) Music for Citadelum. A roman-like city builder. Soundtrack made mixing virtual instruments + guitalele, small percussion and voice recordings in a roman-like style.

If you want to check out the game, go here.

(ETA 2024) Sound design for Loco Motive. A hilarious and misterious point and click adventure. Made using FMOD and Unity.

If you want to check out the game, go here.

(ETA 2024) Sound design for Vengeance Hunters. A beat em' up game for Neo Geo, recreating Neo Geo - like aesthetic with crushing and downgrade processing.

If you want to check out the game, go here.

(2023) Sound design for Qomp2. The second part of the reinvention of the original Pong. Worked alongside Fat Bard.

If you want to check out the game, go here.

(2023) Sound design for Snacko. A cat-farming cozy simulator. Implementation using Unreal Engine.

If you want to check out the game, go here.

(2023) Music, sound design and audio direction for UnderDungeon. A peculiar adventure based on the classic dungeon crawlers. Kimuto will have to face the harsh world of work on his first day on the job.

If you want to check out the game, go here.

(2021) Music, sound design and audio direction for Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX. A legend returns in stunning new detail with Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX! Fire up your power bracelet and relive a platforming classic alongside new modes, levels and features!

If you want to check out the game, go here.

(2020) Medieval like soundtrack made for MicroTown, "a relaxing village construction and management simulator" game made by Snowy Ash Games.

If you want to check out the game, go here.

(2020) Acoustic-fantasy soundtrack and sound design made for Dixit World, an adaptation of the classic board game Dixit on iOS and Android.

If you want to check out the game, go here.

(2018-2020) Orchestral-chiptune hybrid medieval-like soundtrack made for Burning Knight, a roguelike bullet hell game.

If you want to check out the game, go here.

(2019) Chiptune soundtrack made for Tamiku, a retro arcade game.

If you want to check out the game, go here.

(2020) Medieval lo-fi soundtrack made for Vigtafl, an strategy game made for #LDJAM46

If you want to check out the game, go here.

(2018-2020) Retro-inspired music and sound design made for Pushy and Pully in Blockland, a co-op arcade puzzle game for PC and consoles.

If you want to check out the game, go here.

(2014-2019) Orchestral retro-inspired soundtrack made for Rise to Ruins, a god-like strategy game in Early Access right now.

If you want to check out the game, go here. You can download the score of the main theme for piano here.

(2018) Chiptune soundtrack made for Zeroptian Invasion, a classic shoot 'em up with mechanics from other arcades of the 80’s.

If you want to check out the game, go here.

(2020) Chiptune soundtrack made for Daughter of Reyn, a metroidvania adventure game.

If you want to check out the game, go here.

(2017) Orchestral-synth soundtrack made for Depths of Limbo, a difficult action roguelike game with a dark theme.

If you want to check out the game, go here.

(2017) Chiptune soundtrack made for StarPug, a game made for #UOGBJAM. Soundtrack is made entirely with DefleMask tracker with a GameBoy sound emulation.

If you want to check the game, go here.

Also, I’ve made the music and sounds for multiple jam games, participating in events like LDjam, GMTK jam and other Itch jams.

Films and other media



Vaginismus is a condition in which involuntary contractions of muscles in the vagina makes penetration impossible. It has been considered a psychological problem without specific treatment but the protagonists of this shortfilm prove these theories wrong with their stories of overcoming vaginismus with physiotherapy. Diana, Iraida and Jacqueline begin to shape an artistic project that they want to exhibit soon. Montse began years ago to organize an association. All of them want vaginismus to stop being invisible, and for that they have to name it and tell it. Because as they well know, what has no name does not exist.

Production: Laura Laplana, Lucía Cardó
Edition: Laura Laplana
Photography: Daniel Apodaca
Sound: Carlos Baquero, Silvia Gerona
Color Correction: Cristóbal Bolaños
Music: José Ramón 'Bibiki' García


Productor: Donostia Kultura; Larrotxene Bideo

Music: José Ramón García
Product: Short film, 11’30’’


“Cada marea trae nuevos objetos a las costas de nuestras vidas: llevadas por las mareas bajas a veces, otras entregadas por nosotros.”

Date: 2017

Festivals and proyections:

  • Donostiako Antzoki Zaharra (Bideoaldia, Estreinaldia)
  • Euskal Zine Bilera 2017
  • Donostiako Zinemaldia 2017 (Bideoaldia)
  • Asier Errasti Eibarko film laburren jaialdia 2017 Prize to the best film in euskera
  • IKUSKA Pasaiako film laburren nazioarteko jaialdia 2017. Zinegin Festibala 2017
  • Errenteriako XXII. Film Laburren Jaialdia 2017 Prize to the best film in euskera
  • Beste begiradak – Las otras miradas 2017 Prize to the best script

"City of Lights is a representation of society with colors and life, trying to bring back the kindness in a hollow city."

Composed by José Ramón García.


Flute: Cristina Santirso
Violin I: Esther Jiménez
Violin II: Aurora Ortega
Viola: Alejandro Revenga
Cello: Anníbel Gutiérrez
Doublebass: Manuel Esparza

Music was recorded and mixed at PKO Studios in Madrid, Spain.

Made as a project for Katarina Gurska Master Degree in Composition for Media.


Instruments + Live-electronics

Ukerator1.0 is a piece for ukulele and live electronics. It’s composed and played by José Ramón García.
Live electronics are made with Max/MSP. The piece was composed in 2017 and played in 2018 at Musikene.

Personal albums

'Ghost Cab' is born thanks to #AGBIC ('A game by its cover') jam, a jam where you have to create something inspired by a fictional game cover art.

'Afterthought' is a personal album made as a need to explore new sounds, production and feelings aswell as a way to keep sane in this difficult times, being the album itself an afterthought of all this feelings. Art by the amazing Fellipe Martins (@fell_martins).

'Forgotten Island' is an EP made during the early/mids of 2020, during the lockdown months in Spain. The EP was concieved as an scape from the loneliness and burden, trying to create a pleasant place to live and avoid all the bad feelings caused by the lockdown.

'Blank' is, more than a music album, an experience that is intended to be listened not as a track-per-track album, but as a whole: a journey. This music experience tries to give the listener various feelings, from nostalgia to excitement, along with the different parts of the journey. To achieve this whole experience, 'Blank' is inspired in alternative styles, like electronic, ambient, lo-fi, hip-hop or alternative rock, even though all of this is translated into the album as a personal style-experience.

Released April 14, 2020.

'Almost Pure' is an electronic/drone EP made exclusively using a Korg Monologue. The objective of making this album was to explore the different abilities of Korg Monologue, trying to make different stuff like harmonic/resonance melodies or polyphonic melodies (even though Korg Monologue is monophonic).
Listen to it. Chill. This music is about listening the small details of sound itself.

Released April 1, 2019.

'REC' is a project made exclusively with a Volca Keys, PO-12, PO-20 and a Korg Monotron.
Each track is an improvisation made with these electronic devices. No other instruments or VSTs are added.
The goal of this project is to learn how to use, play and improvise analogue devices and experiment with the sound itself.

Released August 6, 2017


'A day of solitude' is a project that intends to create an ambient music in real time, thanks to a patch created in Max/MSP.
All original sounds are made in Volca Keys and, later, reproduced in Max/MSP with different rythms, dynamics and processed with a reverb.
The result is some kind of ambient music with a solid unity that creates a peaceful ambient for people to study, work or just relax with.
Max patch is available with the purchase of the track at Bandcamp. But if you have some curiosity, you can just contact me via e-mail and talk about it :)

Video Music

Video and music made by José Ramón García. Length: 5’10’’. Played at Synchresis, 2017.

Video and music made by José Ramón García. Length: 3’. Played at synchresis, 2017.

Game Dev

Help iCare make up all their duties in this (not)dystopian capitalist adventure. Made everything by myself, using Unity, FMOD, Aseprite and REAPER.

Chroma Space is a pico8 game where you, as a solitary adventurer, have to free the space out of the asteroids that are trying to destroy the galaxy.

Get The Skull! is a pico8 game made with love by a composer / sound designer trying to learn how to code and make art.

In Get The Skull! you are a skeleton that has to get as many skulls as possible while avoiding traps like fire, spears and ghosts! And, if you have a friend to play with you, you can both play together to see who get more skulls!

VOID is an arcade game where you have to collect as many stars as you can while avoiding the enemies falling in the void! You have to beat all the 10 levels to become a winner.

This is my first game ever, trying to learn game programming -LUA, if we talk about PICO8- and also exploring new fields, like game design, graphics design or chiptune music made with PICO8 tracker itself.


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